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Air Charter Bahamas - 1.866.FLY.ISLANDS Air Charter Bahamas - 1.866.FLY.ISLANDS Air Charter Bahamas - 1.866.FLY.ISLANDS Air Charter Bahamas - 1.866.FLY.ISLANDS Air Charter Bahamas - 1.866.FLY.ISLANDS Air Charter Bahamas - 1.866.FLY.ISLANDS Air Charter Bahamas - 1.866.FLY.ISLANDS

Marsh Harbour is the third largest city in the Bahamas, with a total population of 3,000 citizens and one traffic light.
     Marsh Harbour is regarded as the major commercial center for the Island Country.
Marsh Harbour, Abaco - Bahamas The town has a shopping center, several small hotels, gift shops and several restaurants.  Just north of the city you'll find quaint fishing villages (Dundas Town & Murphy Town.)

Here, you'll find the famous clipboard houses and little churches found in promotional materials about the Bahamas. Make sure you stop @ Mother Merle's Fishnet for the famous conch salad, peas and rice and the freshest fish and lobster on the island. Check out Crystal Waters and Villas - with the beauty of the Sea of Abaco to the west and the vast Atlantic Ocean to the east.
While in Marsh Harbour, make sure you stop @ the Conch Inn, were the views are spectacular, water crystal clear and the local watering hole for the pleasant sailing enthusiasts.
  We look forward to providing your next private air charter flight to Marsh Harbour and other Caribbean Island destinations.
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Air Charter Bahamas - 1.866.FLY.ISLANDS
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- 26.31N - 77.05W
Runway - 9/27 5,000' x 100 asphalt - Good Condition
elevation: 10' 
<Unicom - 122.8>

Nav Aids:
Treasure Cay VOR - 112.9 ZTC - 128 radial 21nm
Freeport VOR - 113.2D, ZFP 091 radial 87nm
Nassau VOR - 112.7D, ZQA 013 radial 90nm

FSS - Nassau Radio 128.0, 124.2 <File or Cancel from Altitude>

Lights - IFR by prior arrangements
Windsock - NE on ramp by terminal
Obstacles - Towers northeast
Fuel - 100 Octane / Jet

Busy UNCONTROLLED Airport, terminal.
Entry for Marsh Harbour, Crooked Islands.

Customs / Immigration: 7 days <Winter: 9am - 5:30pm> <Summer 9am - 7pm>
Landing fees: $5 single, $6 light twin, $10 medium twin, $15 hvy twin/jets
Airport: 242.367.3884

Airport information Sheet

These forms are in PDF format, readable and printable with Adobe Acrobat Reader (click here to download). Viewable samples can be found several paragraphs below.


Bahamas Aircraft General Declaration Form

Bahamas Aircraft Arrival Report
Application for US Customs Decal
Bahamas Immigration Card
(only originals accepted)
US Declaration Card
(only originals accepted)


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Marsh Harbour is located within a busy yachting harbour.
The Airport is located approximately 3 miles from town center. Marsh is the commercial hub of the Abacos, playing host to; government offices, supermarkets, several small houses of worship and many liquor stores.

The town has a significant white population, although, based on the most recent census report, 40% of the citizens are Hatian. The Hatian population (those not repatriated) have congregated around Pigeon Pea and The Mud and are working as domestic servants in the white suburbs.

There are several shops within the town. There is plenty of inventory to sell to the visiting tourists and locals. Barclays and CIBC bank have branches in Marsh Harbour.

The only traffic lights on the island are outside Barclays. The local telephone company, Batelco, is housed in a distinctive yellow off Queen Elizabeth Drive. There, you'll find the Governmental Tourist Office.

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Diving and Snorkeling:


Abaco Beach Resort Dive Centre - 242.367.4649

Dive Abaco - 242.367.2787, 800.247.5338

Conch Inn Marina - Rents scuba gear, offers scuba certifications

Logan 'Skeet' LaChance - 242.367.2014 (a famous marine-life expert and dive master

Abaco Outback - offering a variety of snorkel tours.


Boating and Sailing

The Moorings: 242.367.4000, 727.535.1446, 888.952.8420

You'll find several types of vessels, including, sailboats upto 45ft.

Blue Wave Boat Rentals - 242.367.3910 @ Harbour View Marina

Sea Horse Rentals: 242.367.2513 @ Boat Harbour Marina

Abaco Beach Resort and Boat Harbour - 242.367.4853 - 800.537.0050 -
offering Sailboats, Catamarans and Power Boat Rentals.

Sport Fishing

Guide, Jay Sawyer - 242.367.3941

Guide, Justin Sands - 242.367.3526

Organized Tours

Abaco Outback - 242.477.5682 - offering ecotours from Harbour View Marina

Sand Dollar Tours - 242.367.2189 - bird watching and nature tours to Abaco National Park

Special Events

April: Boat Harbour All Fish Tournament

April: North Abaco Championship

April: Native Crafts Festival

May/June: Penny Turtle Billfish Tournament

June: Bahamas Billfish Championship

July: Regatta Week

July: Bahamas Goombay Summer Fest

August: Great Abaco Triathlon

October: Abaco Heritage Festival

Abaco Tourist Office: 242.367.3067

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Abaco Beach Resort and Boat Harbour
P.O. Box AB-20669 . Marsh Harbour . The Abacos
(800) 468-4799 . (242) 367-2158 . (242) 367-2819


Abaco Inn
Elbow Cay . The Abacos
(800) 468-8799 . (242) 366-0133 . (242) 366-0133 .


Ambassador Motel
P.O. Box AB-20484
Marsh Harbour, Bahamas


Banyan Beach Club Resort
P.O. Box AB-22158
Treasure Cay, Abaco, Bahamas
Manager(s): David Stenson
Phone: 242-365-8111
Toll Free: 888-625-3060
Fax: 242-365-8112


Bluff House Beach Hotel
Green Turtle Cay . The Abacos
1-800-745-4911 . (242) 365-4247 . (242) 365-4248 .


Bustick Bight
Marsh Harbour, Abaco


Club Soleil Resort
Hope Town, Abaco


Coco Bay Cottages
P.O. Box AB-22795 . Green Turtle Cay . The Abacos
(800) 752-0166 . (242) 365-5464 . (242) 365-5465 .


Conch Inn Resort & Marina
P.O. Box AB 20469
Marsh Harbour


Crystal Villas & Waters Resort
Hope Town, Elbow Cay, Bahamas

Phone: 242.366-0522
Fax: 321-868-1613


D's Guest House
P.O. Box AB-20655
Marsh Harbour
Abaco, Bahamas


Different of Abaco
P.O. Box AB-20092 . Marsh Harbour . The Abacos
(800) 688-4752 . (242) 366-2150 . (242) 327-8152 .


Dolphin Beach Resort
Gt. Guana Cay, Abaco


Ekali Resort
Hope Town, Abaco


Gaitor's Inn
The Bight, Moore's Island


Green Turtle Club and Marina
P.O. Box AB-22792 . Green Turtle Cay . The Abacos
(800) 688-4752 . (242) 365-4271 . (242) 365-4272 .


Guana Beach Resort
P. O. Box AB 20474
Guana Cay


Guana Seaside Inn
Crossing Bay . Marsh Harbour . The Abacos
Res: 877-681-3091 . T: 242 365 5106 . F: 242 365 5146 .


Hope Town Harbour Lodge
Hope Town Elbow Cay . The Abacos
(800) 316-7844 . (242) 366-0095 . (242) 366-0286 .


Hope Town Hideaways
One Purple Porpoise Place
P.O. Box AB-20419
Hope Town


Island Bayfront Hotel
Little Grand Cay, Abaco


Island Breezes Motel
P.O. Box AB-20030
Marsh Harbour
Abaco, Bahamas


Lighthouse Rentals & Marina
Hope Town


Linton Beach & Harbour Cottages
Green Turtle Cay, Abaco


Lofty Fig Villas
Marsh Harbour . The Abacos
(800) 688-4752 . (242) 367-2681 . (242) 367-3385


Moores Island Bonefish Camo
Moore' Island, Abaco

Phone: 242.366-6334
Fax: 242.366-6334

New Plymouth Club & Inn
Green Turtle Cay . The Abacos
(800) 688-4752 . (242) 365-4161 . (242) 365-4138

Ocean Frontier
Great Guana Cay
Abaco, Bahamas

Phone: 888-541-3027
Fax: 519 389-3027


Oeisha's Resort
Sandy Point, Abaco


Orchid Bay Marina
Great Guana Cay, Abaco
Phone: 365-5125
Fax: 365-5166


Pelican Beach Villas
P.O. Box AB-20304 . Marsh Harbour . The Abacos
(800) 642-7268 . T: (242) 367-3600 . F: (912) 654-3303 .


Pete & Gay Guest House
Sandy Point, Abaco


Regattas of Abaco
Marsh Harbour, Abaco


Rickmon Lodge
Sandy Point, Abaco


Schooner's Landing Resort
Man-O-War Cay, Abaco


Sea Level Cottages
Lubbers Quarters Cay, Abaco


Sea Shore Villas
Great Guana Cay, Abaco
Phone: 365-5028
Fax: 365-5083

Sea Spray Resort & Villas
White Sound, Elbow Cay, Abaco, Bahamas
Telephone: 1-242-366-0065 -- Fax: 1-242-366-0383

Sunset Point Resort
Bustick Bight near Marsh Harbour, Abaco


Tangelo Hotel
Wood Cay Village, Abaco


The Inn at Spanish Cay
Spanish Cay, Abaco

Cay Resorts Ltd.
1100 NE 7th Avenue  
Dania, Florida 33004
Toll free, US.

Office: 954-926-7771
Fax: 954-925-8082
Island: No's
Reception: 242-365-0083
Fax : 242-365-0453


Tip of Tilloo Resort
Tilloo Cay
Abaco, Bahamas


Treasure Cay Hotel Resort & Marina
Treasure Cay Road . Treasure Cay . The Abacos
(800) 327-1584 . (954) 525-7711 . (954) 525-1699 .


Treehouse by The Sea of Abaco
P.O. Box AB-22760
Green Turtle Cay
Abaco, Bahamas


Turtle Hill Cottages
Hope Town, Abaco

The Jib Room
P.O. Box AB 20951
Pelican Shores
Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
Ph. 242-367-2700
Fax 242-367-2033
Walker's Cay Hotel & Marina
Walker's Cay, Abaco








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Bistro Mezzomare @ the Conch Inn Marina - 242.367.2319 - Excellent Breakfast

Cozy's Bar and Grill - 242.367.5090 on Queen Elizabeth Drive - Excellent lunch and dinner menus

Castle Cafe
- 242.367.2315 - Atop the hill on the east-side of Marsh, Lunch Menu

Mother Merle's Fish Net - 242.367.2770 - Home cookin in Dundas Town (Dinner Only)

Surfside Club
- 242.367.2762

Golden Grouper - Dove Plaza - 242.367.2301

Ranch Sports Bar & Lounge - 242.367.2733 - "wild boar", nothing else need mentioning

Angler's Restaurant - 242.367.2158 @ Abaco Beach Resort

Mangoes - 242.367.2366 - @ Bay Street, Dinner only

Wally's - 242.367.2074 - Dinners beginning @ $20.00

Sapodilly's Harbourside Bar & Grill - 242.367.3498 - Down to earth ambience

Jib Room Restaurant - 242.367.2700 - @ Marsh Harbour Marina - Barbecue specials

Bayview Restaurant on the Water - 242.367.3738, Specializing in Bahamian Seafood

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Current Weather @ Abaco with a live web cam




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Sandbar - 242.367.2871, @ the Abaco Beach Resort - Nightly Live Music (except Tuesday)

Wally's - 242.367.2074 - The special house drink will do a number on you.

Sapodilly's Harbourside Bar & Grill - 242.367.3498 - a pool table and two for one coctails

Mangoes - 242.367.2366 - Nightly live music and dancing.

Ranch Sports Bar & Lounge - 242.367.2733 - A dart board, pool tables and a satelite TV.

Oasis and Surfside Club - A satelite TV bar that doubles as a dance club on the weekend.




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Courtesy of Bahamas



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