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Air Charter Bahamas - 1.866.FLY.ISLANDS Air Charter Bahamas - 1.866.FLY.ISLANDS Air Charter Bahamas - 1.866.FLY.ISLANDS Air Charter Bahamas - 1.866.FLY.ISLANDS Air Charter Bahamas - 1.866.FLY.ISLANDS Air Charter Bahamas - 1.866.FLY.ISLANDS Air Charter Bahamas - 1.866.FLY.ISLANDS

     Grand Turk is a gem of an island. Just 6.5 miles long and 1.5 miles wide, the island provides unspoiled solace and natural beauty.      
    Cockburn town is the main settlement and business
center of the island. The middle of the island is filled with salinas, or salt ponds. The Salt, or "white gold", was the islands main export until it's demise in the early 60's.

     At the center of Grand Turk, you'll be traversing two main sand covered streets bordered by colorful colonial structures. There's a shanty town settlement in the center of the dusty downtown district.
    Grand Turk, as with the other Caribbean Islands, boasts excellent big game fishing. Sailfish, Marlin, Wahoo, Tuna, you name it, you'll find them nearby. Just off shore, the shallow turquoise waters quickly become deep blue (8,000ft).
    Diving is excellent. Grand Turk has an excellent "Wall Dive". Both Snorkeling and SCUBA are highly recommended @ Grand Turk.
    From South Florida, your chartered flight will take roughly 3 hours via a cabin class twin and 1.5 hours in a private chartered jet aircraft.   
   Check out Providenciales, the main settlement of the Turks and Caicos. We look forward to providing you next private air chater flight.

Air Charter Bahamas - 1.866.FLY.ISLANDS
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Air Charter Bahamas - 1.866.FLY.ISLANDS
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Grand Turk International - MBGT
Runway - 11/29
6,335' x 150 asphalt - Excellent Condition
Tower on field
Nassau VOR - 112.7, ZQA 122 radial 405 nm
Miami VOR - 115.9D, MIA 118 radial 574 nm
Puerto Plata VOR - 115.1, PTA 342 radial 116 nm
Provo VOR - 115.6, PVN 116 radial 66 nm

FSS - 118.4 Miami Radio - 122.0 flight watch
Flight plans cancelled upon arrival Miami Intl. FSS - 305.233.2600
Fligt plan must be filed before departure.
Wind Sock - S.E. near tower
Lights: Runway / Taxiway / Beacon / PAPI - Runway 11
Fuel - 100 LL 7am - 6pm
Call Provo Approach prior to Grand Turk Tower
Civil Aviation: 649.946.2138 - f:649.946.1885
Customs: Attended 7 days - 6am - 8pm, $15.00 upon entering/clearing ($8.00 addl. Sat/Sun)
Overtime: > 4:30pm M-TH, > 4pm Fri-Sun
Airport: 649.946.2138
Tower: 649.946.2570
Landing fees: $5 < 6,000 lbs, $8 > 6,000 lbs

Airport information Sheet







Turks and Caicos has a past similar to it's northern neighbors. The Maya Indian tribe's markings have been

found on Middle Caicos. The islands lay claim to being visited by Christopher Columbus in 1492. The islands

were used a pawn in the struggle between the French, Spanish and British empires. Ownership of the Islands

changed hands several times, finally landing with the British. Due to the fact the islands had insufficient

harborage, windward of the main sailing routes, soil unsuitable for harvesting crops, the islands were

insignificant possessions to the major world powers. The islands remained uninhabitated until 1678, when

a group of individuals (from Bermuda) settled and began to develop the salt and lumber industries. The

salinas (salt drying pans) were produced as a result. In 1710, the Spaniards recaptured the islands

and then as quickly, relinquished them. The islands soon became the home of the most notorious pirates.

These pirates sacked all that crossed their path, including the wealthy salt merchants inhabiting the

islands. The name of the islands is in debate. Some say the name, Turks & Caicos came from the

name of Mediterranean pirates and their sailing ships. Others argue that the names come from the

native species of cactus who's flower resembles a Turkish fez and "cayos", the spanish name for keys.

The french soon attacked the pirates and took over the island in 1753. The french went on to lose

control of the islands and regain them again in 1778 and 1783. After the American Revolution, Colonial

Loyalists joined the inhabitants of the islands. Slaves were transported to the islands to help produce the

common staple of cotton crops. Unfortunately, the crops failed in the salt laiden soil and the plantation

owners converted their crops to salt fields. The islands were formerly part of the Bahamas through the

middle of the 19th century. The citizens of the Turks and Caicos became a self governing country

under the guidence of Jaimaca through the mid 20th century. The islands remained under Jamaica's

guidence until the U.S. government established an airstrip during WWII. In 1962, the Turks and Caicos

were splashed into the limelight with Astronaut John Glenn. The islands hit it big when a few millionaires

decided to make the Turks and Caicos their winter homeland. In 1973, the islands were recolonized by

Great Britian. In 1984, Club Med established a resort on Provo, and the rest they say "is history". For more

history on the Turks and Caicos click HERE and vist Grand-Turk online.


















































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