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San Andros - Nicholl's Town, is located on the north end of the island. The island is vastly unexplored due to the fact the infrastructure has not been well

San Andros, Andros Island, Bahamas

established. Lately, (2005), the roads are coming along, in step with the price of real estate. Make sure to dive the 3rd largest coral reef in the world!

         If you decide to travel throughout northern Andros (San Andros, Nicholl's Town, Morgan's Bluff), auto travel is available along the eastern sector of the island.
    Morgan's Bluff has lured men and women in search for hidden treasures said to have been buried here, unfortunately, there have been no significant discoveries to date.
    Bird watchers have been visiting San Andros for many years. Trees dominate the island; Lignum Vitae, Mahogany, Madeira and Pine trees. These trees provide the perfect habitat for many species of birds including; parrots, doves and marsh hens.

    Andros's color is framed by it's wild flowers and orchids. There are over 40 species of wild orchids indemic to the region.

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MYAN - 25.03N 78.03W - AOE
Runway - 12/30 4,974' x 75' asphalt - good condition  
<Unicom - 122.8, Miami 118.4>
Fuel: Avgas, Government - Petco - 242.329.4199, U.S. 305.443.3774
Nav Aids:
Nassau VOR - 112.7D 272 radial 32nm
Bimini VOR - 116.7D ZBV 119 radial 78nm
Miami VOR - 115.9D MIA 110 radial 130nm
FSS - Nassau Radio - 128.0, 124.2
<File or Cancel from Altitude - Miami 118.4>
Lights - V.A.S.I., P.A.P.I, Emergency and prior permission
Windsock - N.E. by Ramp, Flag on terminal
Customs / Immigration: 7 days Winter: 9am - 5:30pm, 9-6 Summer - 242.329.2140
Landing fees: $ 2 - 14, depending on landing weight
Parking / Tiedown - Ramp in good cond. spacing for 15 aircraft, no ties.
Nicholl's town - 7 miles northeast

Airport information Sheet

These forms are in PDF format, readable and printable with Adobe Acrobat Reader (click here to download). Viewable samples can be found several paragraphs below.


Bahamas Aircraft General Declaration Form

Bahamas Aircraft Arrival Report
Application for US Customs Decal
Bahamas Immigration Card
(only originals accepted)
US Declaration Card
(only originals accepted)
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Andros Lighthouse
Yacht Club and Marina, Andros Island, Bahamas

Located at the junction of Fresh Creek and the Atlantic Ocean. Andros Lighthouse Yacht Club and Marina is prominently marked by its namesake a 107 year old lighthouse now the logo of Andros Island, Bahamas.

Emerald Palms Resort
Emerald Palms Resort is situated on three miles of white coral sand and nestled in a grove of coconut palms, just one mile offshore from the world's largest barrier reefs on the eastern tip of South Andros. The 20 rooms and 22 cottages and villas spread over 10 acres in the coconut palm groves of the idyllic settlement of Driggs Hill.
P.O. Box 800
Driggs Hill, South Andros
The Bahamas
Phone: 242-369-2713
Reservations: 800-824-6623
Fax: 242-369-2711

Love At First Sight
If you want a relaxing atmosphere and plush accommodations by the sea, you will find it at Love at First Sight Hotel. Located in Stafford Creek, just off the Queen's Highway, this resort has the sights, sounds, tastes and ambiance few can offer.
Manager: Sheila Mae Blatch
c/o P.O. Box CB-11300
Nassau, Bahamas
Phone: 242.368-6082
Fax: 242.368-6083

Nathan's Lodge
Nathan's Lodge is tucked away on the southeast side of Andros, in the quaint town of Kemp's Bay, just ten minutes from Congo Town airport. It is adjacent to one of the most beautiful beaches in The Bahamas, surrounded by flats full of bonefish, and is fast becoming a premier choice for bone fishermen from around the world.
Kemps Bay, Andros
The Bahamas
Phone: 242-369-1707
Fax: 242-369-1708

Small Hope Bay Lodge
Welcome to Small Hope Bay Lodge, since 1960 we have been hosting scuba divers, nature lovers, & friends at our out island getaway in the Bahamas. Let us introduce you to this unique island, from dramatic scuba diving, the best snorkeling sites, world class bonefishing, & more. Unspoiled & virtually undiscovered. Andros Island, Bahamas is a world apart from the crowds.

Tiamo Resorts
No disturbances. No stress. Experience pure relaxation and wonderful accommodations at the Caribbean’s most unique and beautiful nature resort. Tiamo is perfect for the Bahamas vacation you’ve been meaning to take or for the Caribbean honeymoon you’ve always dreamed about.
Andros Island Bonefish Club now sits on property that was once a sisal plantation. Owned by the British, the plantation's main function was to make ropes for boats. In the year 1984, Captain Rupert Leadon purchased this property from the government of the Bahamas with a dream to create the lodge which stands today.

Bahama Coconut Farm
You will be supremely comfortable in any of our private, tropical cabanas. Each one has been designed to promote simple, efficient and easy island living. Every cabana includes a breathtaking view of the sun coming up and the peaceful sound of the waves lapping on the sandy beach. Choose the cabana that meets your needs.

Bairs Lodge
Bair´s has come to represent the benchmark in terms of quality guiding, delicious food, ideal accommodations and courteous hospitality.Ideally located to access Deep Creek, Little Creek, the West side and the Southern Flats. The lodge has easy access to some of the most under-fished flats in South Andros. Perfect for small groups, the charming house has four air-conditioned guest rooms, each with private bathroom.

Bonefish Bay Resort
Our lodge is located on beach front property, consisting of ten air-conditioned rooms , with a restaurant on site. We welcome persons wanting to stay with us to relax and enjoy comfort and peace. We accommodate many types of fishing, including bonefishing.  
Manager: Mr. John David Toker
Kemp's Bay, Andros
The Bahamas
Phone: 242-369-1608
Fax: 242-369-1934

Chickcharnie Hotel
The Chickcharnie Hotel gets its name from a mystical animal that is said to be half human and half bird. The myth alleges that this animal lures individuals into the pine forest and loses them. If you see one do not let them see you, because they will automatically make you dizzy, and you will never find your way out of the pine forest. This Hotel is quite a distance away from the forest, so we have very little to fear.
Manager: Emily Miller
Fresh Creek, Andros
The Bahamas
Phone: 242-368-2025/6
Fax: 242-368-2492

Conch Sound Resort Inn
Manager: Lovan Christie
Proprietor: Emmeth Miller
P.O. Box 23029
Conch Sound, North Andros
The Bahamas
Phone: 242.329-2060
Fax: 242.329-2338

G J's Resort & Fishing Lodge
Manager(s): Garneth & Josephine Campbell
P.O. Box 23001
Nicholl's Town, Andros
The Bahamas
Phone: 242.329-2005
Fax: 242.329-2005

Jeff's Beach House
Escape the crowds and discover how it feels to be on a secluded island. Soak your cares away while bathing in the sun or snorkeling the turquoise water to discover untouched reefs. Imagine a secluded beach, a couple of hammocks, the sound of the ocean, the breeze blowing, the sun shining. Sand and sea at day... the shadows of golden palms in the moonlight at night. This quiet haven is located on Andros Island. The owners realized their dream of owning a home in the Bahamas in 1998. They have enjoyed the peace and quiet of this undiscovered treasure and know you will too! Andros was chosen because it is one of the least discovered islands. It is a fabulous place for flat and deep sea fishing. A diver's and snorkeler's paradise. It's inhabited by friendly people with a very simple lifestyle.

Kamalame Cay
Kamalame Cay is a 96-acre private island and resort located adjacent to Andros Island in the Bahamas. Both elegant and luxurious, Kamalame’s exquisitely detailed guestrooms range from intimate thatched-roof cottages and oceanfront villa suites to a private 7,500 square-foot West Indian plantation home - Kamalame Cove.
General Delivery
Staniard Creek
Andros, Bahamas
Phone: 242-368-6281
Fax: 242-368-6279

Mangrove Cay Club
It is obvious to all that the location of this waterfront lodge was chosen by fishermen for fishermen, with easy access to the bights of Andros, eliminating long boat runs in open water.
Owner/Manager: Elizabeth Bain
Little Harbour, Mangrove Cay
Andros, The Bahamas
Phone: 242-369-0731 or 800-245-1950
Fax: 242-369-0730

The Mangrove Cay Inn
Our spacious, warm and inviting Inn is a retreat from the hussle and bussle of the fast “city” life. Our Inn boasts twelve rooms with ceiling fans, air-conditioning and a private bath in each room. Our family style atmosphere makes you feel you are at a “home away from home”, but still on vacation. Our staff will spoil you and treat you as a King and Queen for your stay with us.

Mount Pleasant Fishing Lodge
Mount Pleasant Fishing Lodge is your perfect get-away spot, a fisherman's dream and a driver's haven. It has many natural features to make an Andros adventure your most memorable excursion yet!
Anglers have the perfect fishing location at White Bight. White Bight is just outside your backdoor at mount Pleasant Fishing Lodge and Home to miles of expansive shallow water flats and white sandy beaches; here you will find some of the finest bonefish in the world.
At Mount Pleasant, you will have access to three (3) of Andros' most famous blue holes. these inland blue holes are subterraanean caves passages which are the most extensive in the world. These are favorite spots for snorkeling, scuba diving, breathe-taking jumps and social gatherings.
Manager: Stacy Farrington
Proprietor: Bruce Farrington
Cargill Creek, Andros
The Bahamas
Phone: 242.368-5171
Fax: 242.368-5080

Pineville Motel
Fantastic, Fabulous. Welcome to a new concept in Family Island Get Away Vacation Spots. To You, our valuable guests, come with me an we explore and tour the elegance and magaificence of the new PNEVILLE MOTEL.
Manager: Eugene Basil Campbell
P.O.Box CB-11399
Nassau, The Bahamas
Phone: 242.329-2788

Quality Inn

Hosts large international school groups that visit the island's research centre (Bahamas Enviromental Research Centre).
Manager: Richard Riley
Fresh Creek, Andros
The Bahamas
Phone: 242-368-6217

SeaScape Inn
Nestled along the white sand beach of quiet and picturesque Mangrove Cay - lie five cabanas with private decks.

Tranquality Hill Fishing Lodge
Manager: Samuel Raymond Mackey
Behring Point, Andros
Phone: 242.368-4132

Westside Fishing Resort
Manager: Braidman Evans
Nicholl's Town
North Andros, Bahamas
Phone: 242.329-4026
Fax: 242.329-4200




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Capt. Morgan's Bluff (Treasure or no Treasure?)


Morgans Bluff - San Andros


Morgans Bluff - San Andros